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Get Rewarded with Y5ZONE!
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Engage to Get More Rewards!

As a Y5ZONE Wi-Fi User, You are already
our Privileged Member, simply by visiting
our Wi-Fi hotspots. You could earn porints
by engaging with our merchants, through
sponsored visuals, surveys, referral, etc.

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A Rewards Program, but More.

We have rounded up exclusive deals with
our merchant partners to offer our
members across Malaysia, from luxury
brands, lifestyle products & services
and consumables for Our Community.

Show Me Deals

Where, What, How?

Sign up for an account below, or visit any
one of our Wi-Fi hotspot to gain access to
your member rewards. Sign in to locate our
Y5ZONE Wi-Fi hotspots!

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A Rewarding Wi-Fi Experiemce

It's Simple and it's Free!

Extensive Wi-Fi Coverage

Don't waste your mobile data. Get Connected for free with Y5ZONE across Malaysia.

Premium Venues

Too many to name on our network. They are all premium venues for your members.

Experiential Learning

Uncover the layers of learning with us. Every experiences delivers new learning.

Exclusive Deals & Rewards

Special offers from our Merchant Partners across Malaysia. Exclusive and limited.

Y5ZONE as a Service

Data Privacy Respected

We do not share/sell your data, your data are protected with industry-standard encryption.

Premium Subscription

Subscribe to our premium service to earn accelerated points and enjoy higher rewards.

Mystery Gift Awaits

As Our premium member, you may be eligible for our mystery gift.

Be Part of Better Community

It's better, it's exclusive, and it's free. Experience it for yourself.

Privileges & Rewards

Food & Beverage

Indulge in great food, coffees our
Truly Asian Country has to offer.

Fashion & Retail

Exclusive discounts and offers awaits.
When you're not eating, you'd be shopping!

Travel & Lifestyle

Explore Malaysia and neighbouring countries.
Fantastic getaways deals you won't want to miss!

Health & Wellbeing

Pamper yourself, treat your family & friends.
Stay healthy & live well. We're looking out for you.


Knowledge is Power. With Power comes great
responsibility. Learning is a life-long journey.


All work and no play makes Us dull??
Relax and enjoy the entertainment around us.


Time for a new ride? Something to spice up
our daily commute? Sell and buy with partner!

Delivery / Other Services

Moving house? Delivering goods? Need help?
Let our partners take care of that for you!

Misc. Services

And of course, there are many other services
we just need to categorise them somewhere.


Sign in and check out what, where and how you can redeem your rewards!

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